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Designer, illustrator & photographer

I am a designer, illustrator, artist and photographer with a passion for brand design.

I grew up on a small island on the east coast of Canada. This is where I began my post-secondary education in graphic design as well as photography & videography. Following this, I continued on to get my Bachelor of Design while studying abroad in Australia. My goal throughout my education was to gather skills and knowledge in a wide array of areas so I could be a 'one stop shop' kind of designer. With training and experience in design, photography, interior design, carpentry, fine arts and communications I have a diverse tool box that can be applied to a wide range of creative projects.

Outside of the creative world, I love the outdoors and living an active, adventurous, lifestyle. Growing up on an island, the ocean is my happy place. Surfing and kiteboarding have been the drivers of many travel adventures and I hope to continue exploring this big, beautiful world.

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